One of the keywords that our client IMBB ( had set as a high priority SEO task for us was ‘smokey eyes’ and let me admit it, for one reason for the other, we had been struggling with it – we were getting stuck on the 3rd or 4th page of google results, but were not climbing any further. There were many tougher keywords that we had successfully cracked for IMBB and other clients, but this one was proving to be a real pain.

I have a strong belief in the powers of the sub-conscious mind, and one night before I went to sleep I decided to let my sub-conscious do the job for me. So I phrased my problem into a clear question, and I went to sleep asking my mind for an answer.

The technique that I discovered that night in my dreams, I later named as ‘Dreamy Disintegration’. I saw two separate dreams that night, one which was all about a fire and smoke, and the other dream was about a visit to my eye specialist.

I got up thinking the next morning, and a cup of coffee and a couple of cigarettes later, my smokey eyes lit up!!

We had all along been focusing on the keyword ‘smokey eyes’, never bothering to think about the two clear individual parts of the keyword.

And we got to work with a renewed vigour. Over the next few months, we worked not just on the primary keyword, but also on ‘smoke’, ‘smokey’ and ‘eyes’, also utilizing LSI techniques along.

Of course, the ‘Dreamy Disintegration’ SEO tool is not an exhaustive optimization tool. We did bring in to play great content – content is queen! We briefed our client properly, and they liked the whole idea and they got their own content team to get working on creating some fantastic new content that went with their own website theme, and simultaneously supporting our idea.

It took time and effort, but over several weeks, we were able to crack the keyword that had been so tormenting our SEO minds, and finally break into the coveted first page!!